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1- Can I pay with my credit card?

2- I haven’t got a credit card so how can I guarantee my booking?
You can send a bank draft or a postal order.

3- How can the Canaletto Hotel be reached?
Please refer to the “HOW TO REACH US” section where you will find detailed indications from the main gateways.

4- I am arriving by car, do you have parking facilities?
There are no cars in Venice, but you can leave your car at  San Marco Garage  with which we have an arrangement.

5- What are the rates for a taxi ride?
Taxis (water taxis) are quite expensive; the current (June 2011) rate  for transfer from Marco Polo Airport to the hotel’s direct access is 100,00 € for a 45 minute ride. Please refer to the “HOW TO REACH US” section.

6- What time can I take over my room?
We guarantee the room  from 1 pm onwards but, if you need, you can make the check-in at any time leaving your luggage here.

7- What time do I need to leave it?
Check-out must take place by 11 am

8- Are there any penalties if I leave after 11 a.m.?

Yes, after 11 am you will need to pay for the entire day.

9- Can I leave my luggage at the hotel?

Yes, the hotel has on its disposal a storage room at no additional costs.

10- What time is breakfast served?
From 8 am till 10 am; but in cases of earlier departures, please contact our staff.

11- Do you have a restaurant ?
Yes, we have a restaurant and a self-service with pizzeria, just in front of Rialto Bridge, 2 minutes from the hotel where you’ll receive a discount card for them.

12- Do you accept animals?
Yes, but only the small ones and advising us in advance with the reservation.

13- Is Venice a safe city ?

Venice is a very safe city, but in the most crowded areas, pick pocketing is possible, as it is in most tourist cities; just watch out!

14- How about tipping? Is it customary?

Tips are always welcome, but tipping is not compulsory; they are generally  a “thank you” token for a good service.

15- What are the main festivals in Venice?
There are several. Carnevale, the Sensa or Ascension, the Redentore, the Historic Regatta, the Salute or Our Lady of Good Health, and many more. Visit the dedicated section.

16- Where can I take a Gondola?
That’s the easiest thing, just few steps away of the Canaletto Hotel, better if you apply to our concierge.

17- What is the price for a Gondola ride?
The current  (June 2007) rate for a gondola ride is 80,00 € for 40 minutes up to 6 persons; but you can also book a gondola serenade tour at a more reasonable price.