17. International Architecture Exhibition – Lithuania Pavilion

Planet of People, Digital simulation still, 2021| Courtesy of Lithuanian Space Agency | © Julijonas Urbonas and Studio Pointer*

In the unique setting of the Renaissance Church of Santa Maria dei Derelitti, the LSA proposes an imaginary world in space that combines gravitational aesthetics and cosmic imagination. The LSA exhibition in Venice is curated by Jan Boelen, commissioned by Julija Reklaitė and organized by Rupert, Center for Art and Education. Founded by Julijonas Urbonas, LSA is an organization dedicated to research on spatial architecture and gravitational aesthetics. The agency is an astro-disciplinary initiative that intends to create a genuinely extraterrestrial imagination. Think tank and space logistics company, LSA researches and develops logistic poetics to establish alternative ways of living and imagining together, both on Earth and beyond. Recognizing the radically extraterrestrial nature of the cosmos, the agency focuses on how we can approach the extraterrestrial, even when looking at humanity from an alien's perspective.

  1. Keywords: chiesa di santa maria dei derelitti, venice, arte.it, 17. international architecture exhibition - lithuania pavilion

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