A collective exhibition of artists… all in love with Venice ​

Nina Ceranic, In Affitto, 2023, Oil on paper, 21 × 29.7 cm | Courtesy A plus A Gallery

Metaphor of the eternal returns of human tragedies in history, the Hôtel-Dieu staged at the A plus A gallery is a collective exhibition that brings together over a dozen artists eager to stay in Venice with their wealth of art and hope for a better future. In Medieval Europe, the name Hôtel-Dieu corresponded to the largest accommodation in the city, free for the poor and paid by the rich. These ancient institutions, dedicated to house the homeless and the needy, as well as travelers of all kinds, were managed by the various religious orders according to a tradition of kindness and mercy and constituted places of hospitality and prayer, in which in exchange they aimed to evangelize their guests. The Hôtel-Dieu also served as hospital ante litteram, and essentially constituted a sort of large medieval inn, which also provided accommodation. On the occasion of this unusual exhibition, the spaces of the A plus A Gallery are transformed into a welcoming place like the famous Hôtel-Dieu, where each artist will have the opportunity to find a corner of rest for themselves and their belongings, faced with a world that is never in balance and in view of an even more uncertain future for all humanity. ​

  1. Keywords: venice, exhibitions, arte.it, nozio business, a plus a gallery, hôtel-dieu

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