Albert Oehlen. Cows by the water

Albert Oehlen, Ohne Titel, 1992, Music Gastr del Sol, Record Mirror Repair, 1994, By Drag City | Courtesy of Pinault Collection

The vast monographic exhibition curated by Caroline Bourgeois for Albert Oehlen (1954, Krefeld, Germania), illustrates the work of the German artist with a selection of roughly 85 pieces, large vibrantly coloured canvases, from the best known to lesser known, created from the ‘80s to today, belonging to the Pinault Collection, as well as other important private collections and international museums. The never-before-seen display at Palazzo Grassi doesn’t follow a definitive chronological itinerary, but, rather, an alternating rhythm of genres and periods, linked together by the artist’s favourite music, a metaphor of his method of working, comprised of contamination and regularity, improvisation and repetition, sonic density and harmony translated into visual art.

  1. Keywords: albert oehlen, palazzo grassi,, caroline bourgeois, nozio business, albert oehlen. cows by the water, exhibitions 2018-2019, collection

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