Among more or less light coincidences, Luca Clabot’s antidote to chaos

Luca Clabot, Incontro luce, Detail, Fatalitàlia, Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venice | Photo: ©

The original exhibition hosted at the Galleria Michela Rizzo in Giudecca entitled FATALITÀLIA is a continuous revelation of coincidences that challenge normality through sudden leaps into the unexplored. Images, sculptures, performances and puns are transformed into unexpected opportunities to demonstrate the infinite coincidences that dot the chaos, playing through the references between sounds and meaning, between words and numbers. Luca Clabot's work is an invitation to observe the randomness that gives shape to our world, to be "superficial to the core like a true fatalitàlia." The artist assembles a series of works united by a penetrating gaze on coincidence, the one that reflects the particular point of view of the infantileoldman, that is, an elderly man who preserves the pure and uncontaminated gaze of the child. FATALITÀLIA brings to light "the awareness that things are there waiting for us, happy to be able to reveal the secret that they hide in themselves or in their name. The things are nice and ready, just pick them up."

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