An original photographic portrait of Venice under the snow

Venezia Bianca | Courtesy Foundation Wilmotte

The Wilmotte Foundation, in collaboration with the Circolo Fotografico La Gondola and the Archive of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, celebrates the extremely rare vision of a snow-covered Venice through 49 black and white shots from the Luigi Ferrigno Collection. The exceptional nature of the meteorological event transfigures the aquatic maze of the lagoon city into a hypnotic landscape with rarefied light, which cloaks everything in a suspended enchantment told by a photographic journey divided into three main themes, Piazza San Marco, the gondolas and the people. Through visions of a dreamlike Venice beyond the dreamlike, where visitors blend in with the inhabitants and every step leaves a dark trace in a dazzling white sea, this collection of photographs pays homage to the eternal beauty of the Serenissima and its perennial metamorphoses.

  1. Keywords: fondazione querini stampalia, exhibitions venice,, nozio business, circolo fotografico la gondola, foundation wilmotte, luigi ferrigno collection

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