Andrea Aquilanti. Projections, of Spaces and from Time by Jacopo Tintoretto

Andrea Aquilanti. Proiezioni, degli spazi e dal tempo di Jacopo Tintoretto, Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, Venice | © Pier Paolo Scelsi

The exhibition curated by Pier Paolo Scelsi and Francesca Mavaracchio presents an artistic research focused on narrating contemporaneity in dialogue with an important work by Tintoretto, or the Sketch for the Paradise at Palazzo Ducale, of the permanent collections of the IPAV, owner of Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, and with the city itself, identifying, translating and documenting the places in Venice where the artist was most active. The Roman artist Andrea Aquilanti sets up in the two exhibition rooms of the historic building, located in the heart of the lagoon city, a superimposition of levels of space and time, projections, shadows, pictorial intervals, translations, superimpositions and mixtures, between past and present that make up a constantly changing and mutating scenography.

  1. Keywords: tintoretto, andrea aquilanti, venice, art,, nozio business, pier paolo scelsi, palazzo contarini del bovolo

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