Andrea Avezzù

Dream. Red | © 2023 Andrea Avezzù | Courtesy lineadacqua gallery

It is an unusual and surprisingly real Venice, the one immortalized in the shots by Andrea Avezzù of which lineadacqua gallery hosts the first personal exhibition, dedicating full space to his very personal gaze as an architectural photographer. Avezzù's lens gives back to the image of the most photographed city in the world, worn out by the overlapping of romanticisms and mythologies, an authentic appearance that reveals its unrivaled iconic power freed from the usual clichés. The shots of the Venetian photographer (born in 1980) go beyond any kind of trivialization, restoring a Venice cleaned of the unstoppable consumption brought by mass tourism and brought back to the original dimension of a golden age that belongs to the most ancient and authentic soul of the Venetian people. Avezzù's photographs bring out the matter of dreams, multiplying spaces, breaking down and superimposing architectures, discovering registers of primary colors, openly defying any didactic reference, until awakening the addicted gaze to discover with sudden amazement the timless magic of a wonderful city .

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