Antonia Trevisan. A Circle Closes

Antonia Trevisan, Incontri, Tar oil on canvas, 100 × 100 cm

The gallery created by Marco Schanzer, great-grandson of the poet and literary critic Alice Schanzer (1873-1936), as a place of transmission of humanistic cultural values detached from the current art systems, presents the exhibition A Circle Closes by Antonia Trevisan, curated by Paola Caramel as part of a project dedicated to contemporary artists who conceive the ethical, cultural and spiritual parameters of art in harmony with the humanistic vision of the place. Focusing his work on the theme of the circle and its innumerable symbolic meanings, the artist evokes psychoanalysis - a discipline closely connected to most of her works - accompanying the visitor on an intimate, at the same time inclusive, journey that reaches its completeness going through the different stages of life in a universal sense.

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