Between universal and personal, artists poised among dimensions

Sarah Faux, Closer | Courtesy © Sarah Faux and Capsule | Photo: © Brad Farwell

Capsule Venice presents the second exhibition in its new Venetian venue, the collective curated by Manuela Lietti hosts the works of thirteen international artists, Morehshin Allahyari, Ivana Bašić, Leelee Chan, Nicki Cherry, Sarah Faux, Elizabeth Jaeger, Emiliano Maggi, Lucy McRae , Kemi Onabulé, Catalina Ouyang, Bryson Rand, Marta Roberti and Young-jun Tak, many of them at their first collaboration with Capsule. Hovering, the title of the exhibition which can also mean "in the balance", refers to the concept of suspension between completed and unfinished, between being and becoming, between unexpressed potential and clear manifestation typical of the artistic practices of those who seek the essence of our contemporaneity at the boundaries between gender, body and space. The expressions of "in-betweenness" present in the exhibition are multiple and do not necessarily intend to be realized in a single synthesis, but rather to activate a circular dialectic in which ambivalence and contingency are the ontological register par excellence and the theme of the body, considered at a microscopic or macroscopic level, direct or indirect, constantly recurs, to the point of becoming a sort of semi-permeable membrane capable of expanding, adapting and existing simultaneously as Self and Other than Self.

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