BEYOND THE WALL – A Dialogue Between Fragments of Memories

BEYOND THE WALL - Un dialogo tra frammenti di memorie personali | Courtesy of IKONA Gallery, Venice

An exhibition in progress, conceived as a creative laboratory, which in the first part entitled A Dialogue Between Fragments of Personal Memories presents a research on the meaning of destroying and reconstructing carried out by the different artists participating in the project. The artworks are intended as fragments of bodies, matter and meaning that belong to the past and the present and are interpreters of various reflections on the nakedness of places and human action seen as fragmentary and often meaningless. Within this space, destruction is an end in itself but also a saving one, and so painting, sculpture, installation and photography dialogue and question themselves on the ephemeral entity of the building itself. The space of Ikona Gallery therefore collects the ruins that have been generated, found and preserved, in the hope of a future reconstruction. What remains. What will be.

  1. Keywords: ikona photo gallery, venice, ikona gallery,, exhibitions 2020, art and future

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