CANOVA AND VENICE 1822-2022. Photographs by Fabio Zonta

CANOVA E VENEZIA 1822-2022. Fotografie di Fabio Zonta, Self-Portrait di Antonio Canova | © Fabio Zonta

The Correr Museum pays tribute to Antonio Canova on the occasion of the bicentenary of the great sculptor's death with a photographic exhibition curated by Andrea Bellieni and Camilla Grimaldi and created by the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia with the support of the Venice International Foundation. Canova's sculpture, reinterpreted and interpreted by Fabio Zonta's lens, wrapped in a fascinating revealing light, returns once again to emanate a universal saving beauty. Venice's tribute to Canova is particularly felt also for his merits towards the Lagoon city, to which the sculptor returned many works of art taken from the Napoleonic era, such as the Horses of San Marco and the famous Winged Lion of the column.

  1. Keywords: antonio canova, venice, museo correr, photography, exhibitions, fabio zonta

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