Carnival 2024: tribute to Marco Polo and his incredible journey

To the East. The amazing journey of Marco Polo, Venice

Venice celebrates Carnival 2024 by dedicating it to one of the most famous Venetians of all time, Marco Polo, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of his death (which occurred on 8 January 1324), with a rich agenda of events spread throughout the area town, from the islands to the mainland. Entitled To the East. The amazing journey of Marco Polo the 2024 edition of the Lagoon Carnival, directed by Massimo Checchetto, invites us to retrace the incredible journey of the young Marco, through immersion in imaginary worlds, teeming with fantasies and dreams that unite everyone in their own inner journey. The Venetian Carnival tradition becomes the means to delve into the theme of travel, discovery and encounter with worlds once only imagined, and at the same time refers to the path of search for the self that is common to all human beings. Alongside the usual events with the Most beautiful mask and the Feast of the 12 Maries, the official Carnival Dinner Show returns to Ca' Vendramin Calergi, entitled At the court of the Great Khan and signed by the stylist Antonia Sautter, while the best artists on the international scene in the field of music, circus-theatre and clowning will be the protagonists of the Carnival Street Show and the Arsenale will host the Terra Incognita water show which will cloak the Darsena Grande water with a magic atmosphere in the footsteps of Marco Polo.

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