Crossing the Rubicon

Marko Velk, Blue Blood (John), 2019, Charcoal on paper 90 × 60 cm

The Crossing the Rubicon exhibition curated by Živa Kraus takes its name from the drawing of the same name by Marko Velk, an illustration that realistically reproduces the famous painting by Emanuel Leutze entitled Washington Crossing the Delaware in honor of crossing the Delaware River during the American War of Independence on Christmas Day 1776. George Washington is compared to Julius Caesar in crossing the Rubicon River, pronouncing the well-known phrase Alea Iacta Est, "The die is cast". Marko Velk's work presents elements extraneous to the story, similar to strings, which disturb the familiar composition, disorienting the observer. The Crossing the Rubicon drawing is accompanied by a series of 12 charcoal portraits of the protagonists of the wars of independence characterized by extraneous elements that trigger a disorienting restlessness.

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