Dale Chihuly. Laguna Murano Chandelier

Dale Chihuly, Laguna Murano Chandelier I Photo: Enrico Fiorese

The Carnelutti Room of the Giorgio Cini Foundation hosts the monumental Laguna Murano Chandelier installation by Dale Chihuly created in 1996 in Murano by the American artist together with the masters Lino Tagliapietra and Pino Signoretto. The work incorporates eight sculptural elements that refer to the Venetian lagoon through symbols such as a crab, a jellyfish, a starfish, an eel, an octopus, a puffer fish, sharks, a mermaid and the God of the Sea, Neptune, as well as to the explosion of amber tendrils that make up the whole mass. The structure is made up of five huge elements, two hanging from the ceiling and three mounted on fixed armatures. Furthermore, thanks to the screening of the film Chihuly Over Venice, made in 1998 by Gary Gibson, it is possible to discover how Dale Chihuly worked alongside the Venetian masters to create the surprising sculpture on display.

  1. Keywords: venice, fondazione giorgio cini, arte.it, lino tagliapietra, dale chihuly, pino signoretto, sala carnelutti, vetro, gary gibson

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