Maarten Baas, Real Time XL The Artist By Maarten Baas, 2018, Limited Edition of Prototype + 3 + 2 AP, Brass, concrete, bronze, digital equipment, 250 x 240 x 250 cm | Courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery, London

21 artists from the Carpenters Workshop Gallery were invited to create a dialogue between the extraordinary architecture of Ca’ d’Oro, the prestigious collection of masters of Italian and Flemish Renaissance art and the best of contemporary design. Among these Vincenzo De Cotiis, Atelier Van Lieshout, Studio Drift, Maarten Baas, Nacho Carbonell, Vincent Dubourg, Verhoeven Twins and Virgil Abloh who with their works are inspired by the artistic heritage of the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti at the Ca' d'Oro which features masterpieces such as the San Sebastiano by Andrea Mantegna, the Crucifixion by Jan van Eyck, the Portrait of Marcello Durazzo by Van Dyck, the Views of Venice by Francesco Guardi and sculptures by Bernini. With DYSFUNCTIONAL - where dysfunction means "the interruption of normal social relations" - the exhibited works try to forget the function to celebrate the power of artistic expression. Works that invite viewers to rethink the conventional relationship between form and function, art and design, past and contemporary, embarking on a journey through time and exploring the blurred boundaries between art and design in the context of the rich Venetian heritage.

  1. Keywords: venice, galleria giorgio franchetti alla ca' d'oro, arte.it, nozio business, exhibitions 2019, dysfunctional, carpenters workshop gallery

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