Everybody Talks About the Weather

Anonymous from Veneto, The Frozen Lagoon at the Fondamenta Nove, Circa 1708-1709 | Courtesy Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice I Photo: Marco Cappelletti and Filippo Rossi

Conceived by curator Dieter Roelstraete and presented by the Fondazione Prada in the Venetian headquarters of the historic Ca' Corner della Regina Palace, the exhibition Everybody Talks About the Weather presents over fifty works by contemporary artists and a complementary selection of works of art from the past that describe the various ways in which climate and weather have shaped the cultural identities of the peoples of the Earth. Thanks to the installation designed by the New York studio 2x4, the artistic dimension of the project joins a series of scientific insights developed in collaboration with the New Institute Center For Environmental Humanities (NICHE) of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice. The exhibition thus explores the metaphorical meanings of weather in visual art, taking atmospheric conditions as a starting point for investigating the ongoing climate emergency on our planet.

  1. Keywords: venice, fondazione prada, exhibitions, arte.it, nozio business, dieter roelstraete, 2x4

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