Focus on a Master of Color

Ennio Finzi, Giallo su grigio, 1957

Born in Venice in 1931, Ennio Finzi, counted among the Masters of the great pictorial season of Abstractionism, is the protagonist of a room in the permanent collection of the International Gallery of Modern Art, to which the Museum dedicates this focus exhibition. The artist is recognized as one of the most radical of the Italian twentieth century, for having been able to subvert the informal language of the post-war period through original research based on the atonal and timbric values ​​of color, and for this reason having constituted a model of painting defined by Luciano Caramel as “irritual”. On the other hand, Finzi was also able to outline a more reflective path towards perception, carrying out in-depth research on the intrinsic structures of form, almost as if he wanted to keep his own ungovernable contradictions as an artist at bay.

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