Freedom and non-conformism at Palazetto Tito

Giovanni Morbin, Campo di Ricerca, 2023 | Courtesy Bevilacqua La Masa I Photo: Valentina Cavion

Campo di ricerca (Field of research) is the title of the personal exhibition, curated by Daniele Capra at the Palazzetto Tito, headquarters of the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, by Giovanni Morbin (Valdagno, Vicenza, 1956), one of the most significant body artists on the contemporary Italian scene. The exhibition presents around thirty works dating back to a period starting from the end of the Eighties onwards, alongside new site-specific works and performances expressly dedicated to the city of Venice, and analyzes the vastness of the research fields of Morbin, an all-round artist with a free and non-conformist attitude, whose practice varies from performative action to the creation of works of an objective nature. The exhibition focuses on the metamorphoses and tears in the fabric of the ordinary through works such as Material yielding to touch, which testifies to the plastic modification of Morbin's body after an accident, or the emblematic installation After Szeemann, centered on the vacuum cleaner used in its time in the studio of the famous Swiss curator, which is often mistaken by the public as an abandoned object in the exhibition space.

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