Guest at the Palace – Warsaw, View of the Holy Cross by Bernardo Bellotto

Bernardo Bellotto, View of Warsaw with the Church of the Holy Cross, 1778, Royal Castle of Warsaw – Museum, Inv. no. ZKW/446 | Photo: Andrzej Ring, Lech Sandzewicz

The new edition of Ospite a Palazzo - the project of the Palazzo Cini Gallery in San Vio which foresees the exhibition of masterpieces on loan from prestigious Italian and international museums and collections - presents the opera by Bernardo Bellotto entitled View of Warsaw with the Church of the Holy Cross (1778) from the Royal Castle Museum in Warsaw, as the protagonist of the Venetian Summer and Autumn. The extraordinary painting constitutes a precious testimony of the Venetian landscape painter's prolific career on the European continent and of his ability as an observer of the uses and customs of the places visited. An aptitude so rare as to transform Bellotto into an intense and refined ante litteram reporter of the European culture of his time, thanks to his mastery in realistic representation, in the drama of light and in the profound architectural culture, clearly evident in the representation of the Baroque facade of the Church of the Holy Cross, one of the most important churches in Warsaw, which the painter makes the fulcrum of a lively urban scene vibrant with light.

  1. Keywords: venice, bernardo bellotto, galleria di palazzo cini,, arte, nozio business, royal castle museum in warsaw

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