Guest of honor at the Accademia Galleries is the Madonna of many names

Giovanni Bellini, Madonna in Adoration with Sleeping Child, Circa 1470, Tempera on wood, Fondazione Luciano Sorlini Museo MarteS, Calvagese della Riviera, Brescia

Defined as "Madonna in Red" due to the color of the mantle she wears (Roberto Longhi, 1946), or called "Madonna Sorlini" since the Brescia entrepreneur and collector Luciano Sorlini acquired it in 2004, the Madonna in Adoration of the Sleeping Child of Giovanni Bellini (circa 1432-1433) is an emblematic work of the first artistic maturity of the famous Venetian painter (1430 - 1516). Now owned by the Luciano Sorlini Foundation of Calvagese della Riviera, the Madonna becomes guest of honor at the Gallerie dell'Accademia di Venezia on the occasion of an important restoration entrusted to Giulio Bono and sponsored by Banca Intesa Sanpaolo as part of the two-year program of restorations Restitutions, to then return to the MarteS - Sorlini Art Museum in 2026. The Bellini painters constituted the most important family business in 15th century Venice, active between the 1440s and the first decade of the 1500s. The Giovanni Bellini. Madonna in Adoration of the Sleeping Child exhibition represents an interesting opportunity to better understand the artistic evolution of the Bellinis through the juxtaposition of canvases and panels by the brothers Giovanni and Gentile which documents the progressive departure from the more archaic style of their father Jacopo, while the comparison between the works particularly highlight the innovative scope of Giovanni's painting.

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