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Anastasiya Parvanova, Guardians of the Silent Sands, 2023, Acrylic oil on linen, 160 × 243 cm | Courtesy Anastasiya Parvanova and A plus A Gallery | Photo: Clelia Cadamuro

Anastasiya Parvanova's solo exhibition at the A plus A Gallery - the second in Italy of the young Bulgarian artist (Burgas, 1990) - entitled Sidereal Messenger describes a dream world shaped by man's dreams about life and nature through concepts and visions of astrophysics and astrobiology projected in painting. The title of the exhibition refers to the well-known treatise Sidereus Nuncius in which Gallileo Galilei presented to the world for the first time his scientific discoveries achieved by means of a telescope he himself built. The exhibition space becomes a place of border between dream and awakening, between awakening and falling asleep, and presages the arrival of the new by revealing the world through poetry and painting. Just as scientists and artists explore the sidereal distances of the universe or the interior spaces of the mind, it is both of them's responsibility to know the world and to bear witness to their discoveries with great care, so as to be able to reveal the secrets of existing and consequently accommodate the best possibilities in the future.

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