Venice Urban Photo Project / Mario Peliti. Castello, San Francesco de la Vigna, 2020

On the first floor of Palazzo Grassi an unprecedented immersive journey unfolds around three visual installations: a linear journey of about 400 photographs that retrace an ideal itinerary for the sestieri of Venice, a site-specific map of the city composed of a mosaic of approximately 900 geo-localized images that offer a 360° panorama and a video installation of over 3.000 photographs that scroll accompanied by a musical composition specially created by the well-known musician and composer Nicolas Godin, of the French duo Air. The shots that mark the rhythm of the exhibition are those with which in 2006 the Roman architect, publisher and gallery owner Mario Peliti began to systematically map the city of Venice, with the aim of collecting the largest and most organic archive of images of the city never built and to return a completely personal representation of the entire urban fabric in its complexity and continuity. To date, the photographic archive of Peliti has over 12.000 shots, all strictly in black and white, taken with the same light conditions, without cast shadows, and especially in the absence of people. The conclusion of the photographic survey is scheduled for 2030.

  1. Keywords: palazzo grassi, photography, exhibitions, arte.it, nozio business, mario peliti

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