Julien Friedler. È Finita la Commedia

Julien Friedler, Crucifixion, 2016, Acrilico su tela, 200 × 300 cm

Pain, Melancholy, Hope are the three different fundamental life experiences at the center of the artistic investigation of Julien Friedler, who has always been a curious explorer of the infinite facets and depths of the human soul. The Belgian artist dedicates a specific installation to each theme, developing a spiritual meditation that unfolds within the spaces offered by the basilica plan of the Church of San Samuele in Venice. The sacred space offers Julien Friedler (Brussels, 1950) the ideal place to express the creative urgencies of a singular figure in the contemporary art scene, a psychoanalyst with a literary past, a lover of philosophy and erudite writing, travel and encounter with different and often distant realities that have built the basis of a labyrinthine thought that sees in the visual arts an emblematic realization hypothesis. Paintings, sculptures, installations are the mouthpieces of a full imaginary, and constitute the visible signs of a mythical truth that the artist develops through very personal themes.

  1. Keywords: chiesa di san samuele, art, exhibitions, arte.it, julien friedler, nozio business, venice 2022

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