Luca Reffo. Fulgurales

Luca Reffo. Fulgurales | © Luca Reffo

Fulgurales is the ancient name of the lost Etruscan books that codified the fulgural art of divining the future by interpreting the place of origin, direction and point of arrival of a bolt of lightning. The artistic project by Luca Reffo (born in 1973) conceived for GAD - Giudecca Art District in Venice in dialogue with the One Contemporary Art space, already part of the Latitude 0 to 3 research on the identity of the landscape, addresses the question of the crisis of the ecosystem, linking it to the crisis of the interior landscape, to the vertigo of the Flood, to disorientation, to the distortion of proportion, stability and unity of existence.

  1. Keywords: luca reffo,, nozio business, one contemporary art space | gad - giudecca art district

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