Lucia Veronesi. Alone in the Woods

© Lucia Veronesi

Lucia Veronesi's artistic tribute to Hildegarda von Bingen, Jeanne Baret, Elizabeth Blackwell and Marianne North entitled Alone in the Woods and curated by Eva Comuzzi, celebrates the memory of four women against the tide in different eras, who have broken boundaries, social norms and roles gender contributing to the evolution of the vision of the relationship between human beings and nature, to the development of the natural sciences and to civil progress. Healers, doctors, botanists, illustrators, scholars, explorers, the four muses of Veronesi are emblems of the courage to try to go beyond the boundaries of a strongly patriarchal society, symbolized in their uniqueness by plants, seeds, flowers and sewn botanical inventions on fabric to outline a gigantic herbarium made up of four sheets of which the public is invited to observe and discover every single detail directly from the street. Four portraits of women transfigured by the artist in the form of as many new imaginary species, "flower plants", evoke the visionary concreteness of these extraordinary people, not to forget their incredible uniqueness and beauty.

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