Massimiliano Camellini. Al di là dell’acqua

Massimiliano Camellini, Instruments, Jolly Quarzo 3/12/2013, Terminal Messina (Genova, Italy)

Massimiliano Camellini decides to explore the theme of travel as a boundless desire for discovery through his photographs. The metaphorical key of a path, which is first of all existential, takes the artist inside the cargo ships where he focuses on the life that takes place on board, looking beyond the surface of the sea or the ocean, visible through the porthole and in the direction of a destination that is not only geographical. The fascination with which Camellini himself is bewitched oscillates between the sense of freedom and the exorcization of fear for the unknown, reconnecting to Alessandro Baricco's book Novecento, which Giuseppe Tornatore will transform into the film The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean, where the protagonist prefers the ship to the mainland as it is projected - always and in any case - towards the infinite dream of discovery. The close relationship that binds the subjects to places and architectural spaces, both physical and mental, is underlined by the images of everyday objects: binoculars, the clock in the corridor, the washing machine, the tools for gymnastic exercises, the rudder , the control panel, the electronic devices.

  1. Keywords: venice, photography, exhibitions,, nozio business, massimiliano camellini, sparc* spazio arte contemporanea

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