Meetings in the Ghetto imagining a better future

Danny Avidan, Cadmus | Courtesy Danny Avidan and IKONA Venezia

In conjunction with the 60th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale 2024, entitled Stranieri ovunque / Foreigners Everywhere, the Jewish Museum of Venice presents I confini dell’alterità / The Contours of Otherness, a three-stage exhibition curated by the Director of the Museum Marcella Ansaldi and dedicated to the topic of immigration. The exhibition, promoted and organized by the Jewish Community of Venice with Opera Laboratori and Shifting Vision, follows the red thread of the history of that part of the Lagoon city where the Jewish Ghetto was born, in 1516 in Cannaregio, translating the cultural legacy inherited by all those who, travellers, foreigners or migrants, have handed down to posterity an example of human coexistence and mutual enrichment from which we can draw inspiration for times to come. Thus the works of Danny Avidan, Amit Berman, Jonathan Prince, Elisheva Reva, Flora Temnouche exhibited at IKONA Venezia, the works of Lucas and Tyra Morten, Laure Prouvost, Lihi Turjeman, Deborah Werblud exhibited at Spazio Lab, and of Yael Tore at Spazio Azzime, tell stories of forced seclusion, displacement and escape, but also of identity choice, renewal, consciousness and change in a dialogue made up of references and suggestive evocations.

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