Memories of an ancestral world

Francesca Miotto, Tigrillo, 2024, Oil on canvas | © Francesca Miotto | Courtesy MAGMA Gallery

The second appointment at the new Venetian branch of the Bolognese MAGMA Gallery is with the first solo exhibition of the young Venetian artist Francesca Miotto (born 1985) entitled Where the Gods Reign, an intriguing invitation to reflect on the origins of humanity in the rediscovery of an ancient lost bond which remains silent in our collective consciousness, leading us back to our common roots as living beings. In search of that ancestral world, imagined or unconscious, Francesca Miotto's paintings evoke a dimension out of time, outlined by soft brushstrokes that just touch some areas of the canvas, venturing on a pictorial journey through dreamlike territories pervaded by magic. The suffused atmosphere that reigns in the mysterious forest described by Miotto leads the public out of the gray monotony of everyday life, catapulting them into a tangle of natural and wild elements from which emerges the artist's profound desire to reconnect with nature from which everything originates.

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