Michael Kenna. Buddha

Michael Kenna. Buddha | © Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna was born in 1953 in Widnes, Lancashire, of Irish Catholic parents, an aspiring priest, he discovered his passion for art and after attending the Banbury School of Art, Oxfordshire, he studied at the London College of Printing starting to work as a artist and photographer. Images of him in black and white, mainly focused on landscapes, have been exhibited around the world. The 111 black and white images depicting Buddhas from all over the world and arranged between the characteristic shelves of the noble floor of Palazzo Loredan lead visitors on a spiritual and artistic pilgrimage from Japan to China, from Myanmar to India, punctuated by countless encounters of for Kenna with the face of the Buddha. An extraordinary opening is scheduled for Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 March to accompany the Dharma Today international conference. Faces of contemporary Buddhism, organized by the Italian Buddhist Union, to be held in the nearby Palazzo Franchetti. Finissage with the presence of the Author on Thursday 24 March.

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