Michele Bubacco THE ALPHABET

Michele Bubacco THE ALPHABET | Courtesy of IKONA VENEZIA

The gap between photography, from which Michele Bubacco starts for his works, and the pictorial works that come out of it, is considerable. The creative metabolism of the Venetian artist becomes a pictorial metaphor of the media cannibalism to which the individual is forced in order not to sink. The Alphabet exhibition confronts us with the paradox of our sequential actions, with the absurdity of gestures and new ways of communicating. The obscene appears in balance so as to emphasize the fall, the clumsy tones of thought. The accumulation of figurative fragments, images and pictorial processing constitute an alphabet of the absurd that allows a playful relationship with the object, through which the uncomfortable sides of existence emerge.

  1. Keywords: ikona photo gallery, painting, photography, art, arte.it, michele bubacco

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