Modern Art and Contemporary Art are always at home in Ca’ Pesaro

Maurizio Pellegrin. Me stesso e io | Photo: Elisa Chesini | Courtesy Ca’ Pesaro – Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna

Alongside the large exhibition dedicated to The Venetian portrait of the nineteenth century, the rooms of Ca' Pesaro host the complex solo exhibition of Maurizio Pellegrin, a fine contemporary artist, born in Venice in 1956 and resident in New York, who looks to the past in an attempt to trigger a new condition of communication. The exhibition develops in two moments marked by different works, the whole of which composes a sort of ideal self-portrait of the artist. In the first room with The Others, an installation composed of more than one hundred 18th and 19th century portraits combined with various objects and fabrics, the human presence is not always immediately declared or perceptible, while in 104 Eyes and 1 Black Dot (2011 ) and Drawings (1984-2002) the imaginary self-portraits of Pellegrin's head taken in profile alternate with representations of his city of origin, Venice, exhibited together with eyes and faces belonging to other memories that emerge from the drawings and notes of the past. Alongside the portraits, the 2021 Memories (The Corsets) suggest figures and other physiognomies through the signs of the physical and intimate presence of the body. The second room features the monumentality of The Others, 18th and 19th Century Portrait, a re-adaptation of the work Memoria e Permanenza, a work composed of more than five hundred photographs from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and small objects or fabrics that intersperse the sequence of portraits.

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