Nello Petrucci. Trame

Nello Petrucci. Trame, Spazio Thetis, Venice

Alongside Jean Fabre's The Man Who Measures the Clouds, Michelangelo Pistoletto's Il Terzo Paradiso, Le Sentinelle by Beverly Pepper, the site-specific work by Nello Petrucci, Trame, also finds its place, which pays homage to the city of Venice by becoming a spokesperson of the will to leave again, trusting in a new rebirth. The installation in Corten steel by the talented artist from Campania is located in the center of the Thetis park in line with the Beuys Oak, planted in 2007 by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, which recalls the 7.000 oaks planted in Kassel by the great German Master. Like the Oak, an emblematic subject in the history of contemporary art, seems to indicate a way to follow with naturalness, commitment and creativity, Petrucci's Trame hope for a new relationship with the city of water guided by curiosity towards the discovery of unconventional points of view, and gives a more careful and less oleographic look at its fragile beauty.

  1. Keywords: nello petrucci, art,, nozio business, spazio thetis

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