New World by Giandomenico Tiepolo

Mondo Novo by Giandomenico Tiepolo is one of the masterpieces of the Ca' Rezzonico Museum in Venice. It is a fresco painting 5 meters long by 2 meters high coming from Villa Ziniago and acquired by the Venetian museum in 1936. It which depicts a crowd recalled around a charlatan at the hut of a magic lantern called "Mondo Novo". In the fresco, Giandomenico reverses the classical conception of representation: the scene is not shown to the viewer but paradoxically is denied to his gaze. In the frenzy of the characters there is a feeling of profound anxiety and the sense of the imminent end of an era. When Tiepolo made it in 1791 the French Revolution swept everything away. Shortly after Venice would be invaded by the Napoleonic troops and "sold" to Austrian Empire. The crowd seems to represent the entire city with its glorious past and its uncertain future. That of the painter is a lucid and bitter metaphor of his times, the derision of a blind humanity, unaware of the storms looming at the end of the century.

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