Paolo Gioli. The Venice Years (1960 – 1969)

Paolo Gioli, Omaggio a Ionesco, 1965, Oil on canvas, 200 × 140 cm

Galleria in Corte dedicates the exhibition curated by Nico Stringa Paolo Gioli. Gli anni di Venezia (1960 - 1969), born from the will of friends and collectors, to the first creative experiences of one of the most significant and multifaceted Italian artists (1942 - 2022) through an anthology of Gioli's pictorial and graphic works, making available to the public drawings and paintings full of charm made during the 60s in the Lagoon. The exhibition intends to make the training period that coincides with Gioli's first maturity better known, when between 1960 and 1969, with incessant work, the future film-maker and photographer confirmed to himself, through works increasingly focused on centrality of the image movement. The shocks to which the artist subjects the observer with the dramatic plasticity of the Ciclo delle Creature and immediately after with the articulated path of the kaleidoscopic sections also called Scomponibili, are so many devices developed by Gioli in the elaboration of his poetics since the Venetian - the image is in danger, the artists will save it with painting, with a 'primordial' photography, with experimental cinema.

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