Paolo Pellegrin’s Photography Beyond the Border of the Visible

Paolo Pellegrin, Civilians arrive in Tire after fleeing from their villages in southern Lebanon due to Israeli bombing, Tyre, Lebanon 2006 | © Paolo Pellegrin / Magnum Photos

L’Orizzonte degli Eventi, among the events hosted by Le Stanze della Fotografia - the joint project of Marsilio Arte and Fondazione Giorgio Cini - is one of the most intense appointment of the Venetian Autumn season, with more than 300 shots, with more than 300 shots that retrace the period of time from 1995 to 2023, recounting the field activity of Paolo Pellegrin - born in Rome in 1964 -, including a reportage on Ukraine for the first time on display and several unpublished shots by the award-winning internationally renowned photographer, known for his reportages on contemporary conflicts and the effects of climate change. Organized by Marsilio Arte and Studio Pellegrin, the exhibition, curated by Denis Curti and Annalisa D'Angelo, is created in collaboration with Magnum Photos, the agency of which Pellegrin - born in Rome in 1964 - has been a member since 2005. In a figurative parallelism between the physical phenomenon that describes the theoretical border zone located around a black hole beyond which not even light has an escape, called the event horizon, the photographer's work, the result of a long career, reveals itself as the repeated attempt to cross a metaphorical horizon that allows him to enter the "black hole of history", overcoming every obstacle through a humanity of the gaze capable of returning unique works, always beyond the surface.

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