Pareidolia. I See Faces Everywhere

Pareidolia. I see faces everywhere | Courtesy Spazio Punch

The theme of the mask, understood as an artistic-ritual object that transforms identity and the human body into an alter ego, is the fulcrum of Pareidolia. I See Faces Eerywhere, the exhibition conceived by Zaven which takes its cue from a commonly experienced universal cognitive process ("pareidolia") in which pre-existing knowledge of the world mixes with illusions and the subconscious, for example recognizing faces and other objects in the form of the clouds, in the moon and in the color gradations of the sky and thus underlining man's reassuring need to recognize and therefore familiarize himself with the unknown. Pareidolia brings together seven international artists and designers, whose selected works explore the themes of artifice, fantasy, abstraction, identity, self-representation, spirituality, subversion and even the subconscious, through an illusory encounter with a series of masks of different shapes, disguised as mirrors, flags, sculptures, vases, carpets and photographic portraits of anonymous shamanic characters who direct mysterious ancestral rites.

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