Pascal Sender. Captcha 2826

Pascal Sender, Tito, 2023, Mixed media on canvas, 140 × 105 cm

A leading exponent of New Media Art, Pascal Sender with his works on the border between sensory reality and virtual reality offers the public a unique reflection of modern life. Through an alternation of paintings, sculptures and installations, the visitor is involved in a multi-sensory experience, which makes him an active participant in the artistic event, in a place to be used as a "smart home". Known for his artistic practice that pushes the spatial and temporal boundaries of traditional painting, Sender personally conceived and coded Spray AR, an innovative augmented reality application that allows the viewer to experience his paintings in three dimensions using just the camera of your smartphone. This application makes Senders' creations pop off the canvas and his characters interact with the audience in a playful and deeply emotional way.

  1. Keywords: venice, exhibitions,, nozio business, fondazione bevilacqua la masa - palazzetto tito, pascal sender, captcha 2826, spray ar

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