Roy Claire Potter. Death to All Pigs Who Enter Here!

Roy Claire Potter artwork for Death to All Pigs Who Enter Here!

An omnipresent immersive installation winds through all the rooms of the gallery, gradually revealing the stories told or evoked by an unpublished series of more than one hundred large and small format drawings made on plastic, biodegradable polyethylene and paper. Roy Claire Potter. Death to All Pigs Who Enter Here! mixes stories of the West Yorkshire moors read in medieval court scrolls with the cinematic and literary reminiscences dear to Roy Claire Potter, from the cult English film Threads (1984) to The Butcher Boy (1992), a novel by Irish Pat McCab, to which all the artistic research of Roy Claire Potter is inspired and from which the exhibition itself takes its title. Many small drawings on photographic paper are teeming with plants and zoomorphic elements, colored figures similar to lost shepherds, sad participants in a masquerade party, characters from a deck of cards or a family album, composing an absurd and naive taxonomy of details interpretable by the visitor's imagination an infinite number of times.

  1. Keywords: venice, exhibitions,, nozio business, a plus a gallery, roy claire potter, the butcher boy, madness

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