Shamanic art at the Donà dalle Rose Foundation

Moor Gianluca Balocco. Venice-Skin & Floating Eros

The exhibition proposed by Chiara Donà dalle Rose, President of the Foundation of the same name, gives the visitors the unprecedented experience of embarking on an unusual journey among chromo-holographic works sensitive to RGB lights, Tableaux vivant and an exciting immersive sensorial Room. The4thdimension Venice-Skin by Moor Gianluca Balocco constitutes a unique work of its kind based on the interaction between the work and the visual contact with the observer, through which the artistic creation manifests itself as an electronic canvas in direct harmony and connected to the human retinal areas. Anyone who enters this suspended place is led to the surprising discovery of their own "fourth dimension", or the multidimensional ability to relate to their own inner vision. Specifically, the work VENICE-SKIN focuses on the timeless dimension of the Serenissima, highlighting its material or reflected consistencies, the architectural and the spontaneous ones, from frescoes to murals, from architecture to gardens, from the charm of complex forms to decay, enveloping the observers in an infinite variability of images and taking them into another dimension, capable of evoking the visionary and magical experiences of the prehistoric communities inside the cave.

  1. Keywords: venice, exhibitions,, nozio business, palazzo donà dalle rose, moor gianluca balocco, chiara donà dalle rose

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