SpostaMenti | Courtesy Galleria Alice Schanzer

The collective exhibition curated by Silvia Previti at the Alice Schanzer Gallery in Venice hosts the works of artists who already in December 2022 were the protagonists of the sister gallery in Sutri with the finitoINfinito exhibition, triggering a short circuit of artistic references and human contacts at the basis of the philosophy of the two galleries dedicated to the poet and literary critic Alice Schanzer (1873 - 1936). The artists Giacinto Cerone, Angelo Colagrossi, Antonio De Pietro, Mario Giancola, Pierluigi Isola, Mauro Magni, Alberto Parres, Silvio Pasqualini, in harmony with the humanist vision of the place, with SpostaMenti intend to seal not only formally, but also actively, the twinning between the two galleries through a shared creative method, which originated in Silvio Pasqualini's  finitoINfinito exhibition project, a sort of manifesto aimed at "rejecting the current management of exhibition practices and returning to exhibiting artists through tacit but truthful agreements, in which the Masters accompany other esteemed artists into the galleries, asserting the relationships as unique and authentic contracts based on respect, consideration and appreciation".

  1. Keywords: giacinto cerone, pierluigi isola, angelo colagrossi, antonio de pietro, mauro magni, venice, exhibitions, arte.it, nozio business, silvio pasqualini, galleria alice schanzer, silvia previti, mario giancola

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