Stories of art stolen and found and other stories

Rediscovered Art. Returns to the Lagoon, Museo di Palazzo Grimani, Venice

The exhibition entitled Rediscovered Art. Return to the Lagoon, hosted on the main floor of Palazzo Grimani and organized by the Regional Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture for the Veneto with the Regional Directorate of Veneto Museums, in collaboration with the Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the Municipality of Venice and the Lagoon, the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and the Italian Institute of Technology, tells the stories relating to some works of art protagonists of adventures beyond the limits of legality. From forgery to theft, from clandestine excavations to fraud, the exhibition sheds light on different cases of crime, enhancing the work of recovery, restitution and protection of artworks carried out over the last few years by the TPC Carabinieri Unit of Venice and offers at the same time a precious opportunity to learn about the protection procedures that the institutes of the Ministry of Culture implement in synergy with the Unit itself, up to the valorization of the assets in the contexts of origin or within the state-owned museums. The exhibition displays a heterogeneous selection of objects, including archaeological finds from different eras and origins to paintings attributed to well-known artists - such as Giandomenico Tiepolo - alongside the original pieces with a series of fakes, in a display that intrigues visitors.

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