Studio Wild. The Forbidden Garden of Europe

Studio Wild. The Forbidden Garden of Europe | Courtesy Spazio Punch

The Forbidden Garden of Europe by Studio Wild, riding on the legislative pretext provided by a 2016 European act that established a list of 35 invasive plant species that must be eradicated and banned from European soil, and thanks to the collaboration with the Botanical Garden of Padua sheds new light on politically hot topics by telling the stories of these plant species considered "alien" and by staging a universal metaphor on the fact that spatial, legal and social restrictions contribute to a more or less inclusive society. Just as, based on their natural characteristics, the offending species pose a threat to native European plants and are considered illegal for cultivation, marketing and transport across the EU, Studio Wild creates a parallel between the ominous and the arbitrary fate of the 35 plants and that of many of our neighbors who are forced to struggle to find common ground in Europe just because they are "different".

  1. Keywords: biennale,, spazio punch, nozio business, studio wild, 17th international architecture exhibition

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