The dream creatures of Emiliano Maggi

Emiliano Maggi. Celestial Bloom | Courtesy Capsule Venice

On the occasion of Art Night Venice 2024, the Venetian headquarters of Capsule, hosted in the spaces of the Giorgio and Armanda Marchesani Foundation and its evocative garden, presents Celestial Bloom, a performance by Emiliano Maggi that pays homage to the dreamlike dimension and the flow of energies that animate the biosphere giving rise to continuous and unexpected hybridizations and metamorphoses. Celestial Bloom is a work born from Maggi's passion for the constant interaction between the human, plant and animal kingdom, inspired by the Hovering exhibition - the collective exhibition underway at Capsule Venice which also includes works by the artist - and takes advantage of the participation of young people performers from local art universities (Irene Mathilda Alaimo, Arianna Boffa, Gilda Cutillo, Emma Mietti, Saba Poori, Alice Scarpa, Sara Angela Zen) symbolically celebrating the beginning of the Venetian Summer. On the occasion of the last weekend of the Hovering exhibition, Capsule Venice remains exceptionally open also on Sunday 23 June, from 11am to 6pm.

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