The Feast-day of the Madonna della Salute

A view of the Madonna della Salute Basilica, Venice | Photo: Ruth Archer via Pixabay

Celebrated every year on 21 November in memory of the terrible plague that hit the city between 1630 and 1631, it is one of the most absolutely fascinating events the city has to offer, with an atmosphere of magic, mysticism and paganism rolled into one, where the odor of incense and candles mixes with that of cotton candy and “castradina” (a traditional meat dish). A perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the authentic Venice, crossing the Votive Bridge on the Canal Grande, visit the Basilica designed by Longhena and admire its treasures, on all the great canvas of Tintoretto's The Wedding at Cana, hosted in the Sacristy of the Basilica. The celebrations of 2020 will be held in compliance with current regulations, with Holy Masses at the beginning and at the end of the day, pilgrimage with distancing and lighting of candles at a distance.

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