The Flight of the Imaginary Columbus

Il Volo del Colombo Immaginario, Palazzetto Tito, Venice

20 full-scale reproductions of a dove competing to win the three prizes up for grabs for the authors of the works thanks to the support of the Ristorante al Colombo in Venice. The shapes of the doves, created by the artists in collaboration with the masters of the "Compagnia l'Arte dei Mascareri" and the Master Glassmaker Alessandro Moretti in Murano, symbolize and pay homage to the most ancient traditions of the city of Venice. The Flight of the Imaginary Columbus project intends to redeem a protagonist of the daily life of the Lagoon city belonging to the animal kingdom, who finds, in this original project that combines art and craftsmanship, an unusual cultural connotation in what is also their city.

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