The Human Venice – The Inhuman Venice

La Venezia Umana – La Venezia Disumana | © Mariateresa Crisigiovanni / Circolo Fotografico La Gondola

The exhibition, part of a broader cultural project promoted by the Fondazione di Venezia to celebrate 1600 years of the Lagoon city with photography, is divided into two independent but deeply interconnected sections. On the one hand, "The Human Venice" of the photographs of Sergio Del Pero (1913 - 1987), one of the greatest Italian photographers of the Twentieth Century, which tell of a lost, popular and common Venice, immortalized through particular compositional and printing techniques and focused on daily events of the Venetians of yesteryear, punctuated by images of fatigue and hope, strength and fragility, leisure and work. On the other hand, the section dedicated to "The Inhuman Venice" represents the collective narrative of twenty-four different photographers, all members of the Circolo Fotografico La Gondola, who with their shots denounce the choices of an urban development and planning in which Venice has been progressively stripped of its natural aptitude to be a city on a human scale, to be transformed into a place to be consumed hastily and without any participation.

  1. Keywords:, nozio business, circolo fotografico la gondola, sergio del pero

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