The Kinetic Gard. They are only 4 x 20

Ferruccio Gard, Concert in 7 Colours and 26 Shades, Acrylic colours on canvas, 115 ×115 cm, 2006 | Courtesy of Cris Contini Contemporary

Ferruccio Gard (Vestignè, December 1940), one of the protagonists of the optical-constructivist line of Italian painting (first exhibition of kinetic art in 1969), is still in full swing and indeed, referring to the great Ennio Flaiano, does not feel like a "vecio " ("old man") but a young man who has turned twenty 4 times. The definition of "The Kinetic Gard" is instead of Gillo Dorfles, whose presentation in the catalog is published, next to the writing "The Kinetic of Color" by the poet and writer Paolo Ruffilli. The Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation reconstructs the entire artistic path of the pioneering Venetian artist of choice, from the first kinetic works of the 1970s, to the temporary parentheses dedicated to the informal and geometric abstractionism of the 1990s, to intensify the renewed optical research. Gard's works, in their weaving of geometries and chromatic intersections, are fully inserted in that noble line of Italian and international art that starts from Futurism (and in particular from Giacomo Balla) where research on abstract art and on the geometrization of painting were combined with the first kinetic experiences. The vibration of Gard's painting, its illusive depths and its compositional rigor are capable of triggering an intense dialogue, albeit at a distance, between the history, in Venice, of great Venetian painting and contemporaneity, based on color, geometry and the luminous pulsation of its dynamic weaves.

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