The souls of Venice according to Lorenzo Quinn

Lorenzo Quinn. Anime di Venezia – Souls of Venice, Ca' Rezzonico, Venice

Anime di Venezia – Souls of Venice is the title of Lorenzo Quinn's work, made up of 15 statues made of mesh (a particular metallic weave), which represents some of the most iconic characters who inhabited and animated the Serenissima over the centuries, sealing the symbiotic bond between the City and all its Arts, expressed by the Venetians who made it immortal. The new installation by the Italian-American figurative sculptor celebrates the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo's death in conjunction with the 60th Art Biennale, and is located in the entrance hall of Ca' Rezzonico, the splendid home of the 18th century Venetian Museum overlooking the Grand Canal and designed by Baldassare Longhena. Quinn's project (which for the first time presents a work with a historical background), born in collaboration with Fondazione Musei Civici, enjoys the patronage of the City of Venice and the Committee for the Celebrations of Marco Polo 700, "comes alive" in its time of a surplus of magic introduced by augmented reality, and finds an ideal correspondence in the sculpture by Quinn himself depicting Marco Polo in person welcoming the visitor to Palazzo Ducale, at the entrance to the Doge's Apartments, on the occasion of The Worlds of Marco Polo . The journey of a thirteenth-century Venetian merchant, the main exhibition-event of the Poliana celebrations, organized by MUVE and open until 29 September 2024.

  1. Keywords: venice,, nozio business, ca' rezzonico - museo del 700 veneziano, lorezo quinn

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