The style and site-related art of Chiara Dynys

Chiara Dynys, Gate of Heaven, 2023, Metal and LED lights, 260 × 320 ×70 cm | Courtesy MUVE

On the occasion of the 60th Venice Art Biennale, in the Dom Pérignon Rooms of Ca' Pesaro - International Gallery of Modern Art of Venice, it will be possible to visit Chiara Dynys' personal exhibition entitled Lo Stile (The Style). Curated by Chiara Squarcina, Alessandro Castiglioni and Elisabetta Barisoni, the exhibition is a project of great visual impact, designed specifically for the spaces of the Venetian Museum, apparently provocative but in truth revealing of the centrality of the form of language in art. Chiara Dynys is one of the most prominent contemporary Italian artists, whose research has always been characterized by a particular attention to the relationship with historical places, both in the strictly architectural and narrative dimensions. At Ca' Pesaro Chiara Dynys is faithful to a poetics that has always refused any stylistic definition, reinterpreting the linguistic synthesis of Neoplasticism founded by Piet Mondrian (the De Stijl movement) thanks to a series of new immersive environments, where light and matter redefine the story of reality.

  1. Keywords: venice, art, exhibitions,, nozio business, ca' pesaro - galleria internazionale d'arte moderna

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